Chapter 21 is Christ's appearance to some of his disciples at the sea of Tiberias, in which we have an account, how he discovered himself to them as they were fishing, filled their net, and then very familiarly came and dined with them upon what they had caught. More Bite Sized Bible at

Chapter 20 John the evangelist, though he began not his gospel as the rest did, yet concludes it as they did, with the history of Christ' resurrection; not of the thing itself, for none of them describe how he rose, but of the proofs and evidences of it, which demonstrated that he was risen. More Bite Sized Bible at

In John 19 sentence is given, and execution done upon it. O that in meditating on these things we may experimentally know the power of Christ's death, and the fellowship of his sufferings! More Bite Sized Bible at

Chapter 18 relates how Christ was arrested in the garden and surrendered himself a prisoner, ver. 1-12. How he was abused in the high priest's court, and how Peter, in the meantime, denied him, ver. 13-27. How he was prosecuted before Pilate, and examined by him, and put in election with Barabbas for the favour of the people, and lost it, ver. 28-40. More Bite Sized Bible at

This chapter 17 is a prayer, it is the Lord's prayer, the Lord Christ's prayer. There was one Lord's prayer which he taught us to pray, and did not pray himself, for he needed not to pray for the forgiveness of sin; but this was properly and peculiarly his, and suited him only as a Mediator, and is a sample of his intercession, and yet is of use to us both for instruction and encouragement in prayer. More Bite Sized Bible at

Jesus says in John 16 that he would send them the Comforter, ver. 7-15. That he would visit them again at his resurrection, ver. 16-22. That he would secure to them an answer of peace to all their prayers, ver. 23-27. That he was now but returning to his Father. More Bite Sized Bible at

There are four words to which his discourse in this chapter may be reduced; 1. Fruit, ver. 1-8. 2. Love, ver. 9-17. 3. Hatred, ver. 18-25. 4. The Comforter, ver. 26, 27. More Bite Sized Bible at

In John 14 when Jesus had convicted and discarded Judas, he set himself to comfort the rest, who were full of sorrow upon what he had said of leaving them, and a great many good words and comfortable words he here speaks to them. More Bite Sized Bible at

John 13 Jesus washes his disciples' feet, foretells who should betray him. He instructs them in the great doctrine of his own death, and the great duty of brotherly love. More Bite Sized Bible at

John 12. Jesus rides in triumph into Jerusalem. More Bite Sized Bible at

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